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Marsh park

To continue your museum experience, visit the 10 hectare park behind Paleospace that invites everyone to stretch their legs, play, explore the marsh, picnic, relax, or take part in outdoor workshops.

- Ammonite Game sprinkled with dinosaur trivia, trick questions, and other obstacles. Play as a family to uncover a vast range of Jurassic dinosaurs and win it all!

- Hopscotch through geologic time gives players a better understanding of the different stages of life since the earth’s formation. A playful lesson in geology.

- Natural scavenger hunt opens up the marsh and the gabion, along with local plants and animals for discovery. The game consists of finding 10 objects that are hidden around the museum.

- Dinosaur jigsaw puzzles are scattered throughout the park. Children can put them together to reveal Norman dinosaurs and flying reptiles, while learning even more about local Jurassic fauna.

The park also provides facilities for larger groups: picnic and workshop areas, as well as benches set along the walkways.